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2016-10-18 German Law - German Passport for non-EU citizens:

Hello Sami,    no, there is really no chance to obtain German citizenship by naturalization before you have fulfilled 6 years of residence (unless you are married to a German).    I hope that the remaining

2016-10-13 International Business - International Trade Strategy Advisor:

Hi Amir,    Thank you for your question. The trade and operational strategy for free trade zones vary across countries. The workable model for each country depends on the goals and objectives as well as

2016-10-13 International Business - International Trade Strategy Advisor: is id you can contact   2nd Iran to Dubai and gold, sulphur, food items, minerals export or what orders you have from buyer l/c's you have or cash capability some 50,000 or 100,000$

2016-09-23 German Law - Documents for ius sanguinis:

Dear Tyler,    these applications sometimes take years.    There is a huge backlog at the moment because many British with German ancestors are filing after the Brexit decision: https://andreasmoser.wordpress

2016-09-22 International Business - Price on international market:

Sir financing we can assist you based on l/c and some financing information based on l/c we can offer you some offers and some technical details     for items of malanga lila and other items price is according


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