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2017-03-17 German Law - Laws and countries:

Since the regulations regarding the age of consent are a matter of criminal law they apply to the territory of Germany. However, in cases that take place abroad but have a connecting factor to Germany

2017-03-17 German Law - Age of consent in Germany:

Hello Mike,    yes, the age of consent is 14 years in Germany ( 176 StGB). As with other statutes in Germany, 14 is the age when a child becomes a juvenile.    For the partner of the 14- or 15-year old

2017-03-14 German Law - USA Asylum In Germany?:

Germany only grants asylum to victims of political or religious persecution or people who are persecuted because of their race or sexual orientation. It would be a stretch to try to apply this to people

2017-03-10 German Law - Short trip abroad.:

1) Because the mother returned soon, she doesn't need to fear a proceeding under the Hague Convention.  Nor does she realistically need to fear criminal prosecution, particularly if she can prove that

2017-02-27 German Law - Born 1962 to German mother and American father:

Dear Patricia,    first of all, thank you very much for your donation!    To satisfy the income requirement in Germany, you only need to show that you can survive without recourse to welfare. That means


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