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2017-01-06 German Law - German citizenship via adoption:

Your adoption came two months too early indeed.  It comes too late for you, but because this is a public forum: This shows the value of contacting a lawyer  BEFORE you start the adoption process.    There

2016-12-30 German Law - Discretionary naturalisation in Germany:

Dear Kate,    discretionary early naturalisation is usually only granted for athletes who will represent German in international contests. Unless you can show that your naturalisation is in Germany's national

2016-12-30 German Law - Parents debts:

According to the rule of universal succession the heirs automatically step in the shoes of the deceased in regard to assets and liabilities at the time of death. § 1968 of the German Civil Code regulates

2016-12-24 German Law - Tabelle duesseldorf 2017:

Hello Lino,    here you find the chart that you are looking for at the very end, under "Anhang: Tabelle Zahlbeträge"

2016-12-08 German Law - Marriage in Germany:

It would be much easier for both of you to fly to India, get married in India, and then apply for a residence permit for Germany.    Easy and legal.    In the EU, the easiest country to get married in


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