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2017-02-21 German Law - What age can a child say they don't want to see the other parent?:

Hello Carmen,    the information you received is wrong (a), but it is also irrelevant (b)    (a) Under German law, the age is 18, i.e. when your son is an adult. Until then, he is subject to family law

2017-02-16 German Law - German land title / US citizens:

Hello Rick,    the "Erbscheinantrag" actually is something different, it's a request with the local court in Germany to be appointed as official heirs. To file that request, however, the documents you

2017-02-15 Indian Law - personal loan defaulter:

The maxium period for the recovery of a loan legally is within three years from the date the loan becomes due. In your question, you have not stated how much years has passed since the loan has become

2017-02-01 German Law - Marriage Status for us citizen who married German:

Hello Don,    first of all, if she still lives in Germany, it shouldn't be too hard to find out where she lives. Whenever someone moves, they have to register with the new municipality and that information

2017-01-28 German Law - About Marriage Visa and Separation:

Dear Sujan,    thank you for your kind words!    For the first 3 years of your stay in Germany, i.e. until July 2017, the residence permit is indeed based on the marriage and on living together. If you


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