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2016-12-12 Other Languages - Hindi language:

Hi Libby,    Here is the translation of all 4 directions from English to Hindi -    North - Uttar  South - Dakshin  East - Poorab  West - Paschim    You can see the actual Hindi script words at the following

2016-11-24 Romania - accommodation:

Hi Zomy,    Your query does not give much detail.    So, if you are looking on renting a flat or a house from a private owner, the only way you can find out if it will be with Rental contract is to call

2016-10-25 Romania - NOARA Surname Question:

Hi Elijah,    The name is not familiar to me as I am not a Hungarian native.  Trying to search the net for name origin or other info I was not able to find Noara.  Nicholas on the other hand is a very


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