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2017-01-20 Croatia - Traveling to Croatia:

If you are first time in Croatia is much more interesting to visit coastal area then capitol Zagreb. Visit Pula, Rovinj if you are more on the north part of Croatia and Dubrovnik, island Hvar if you are

2016-12-12 Other Languages - Hindi language:

Hi Libby,    Here is the translation of all 4 directions from English to Hindi -    North - Uttar  South - Dakshin  East - Poorab  West - Paschim    You can see the actual Hindi script words at the following

2016-11-24 Romania - accommodation:

Hi Zomy,    Your query does not give much detail.    So, if you are looking on renting a flat or a house from a private owner, the only way you can find out if it will be with Rental contract is to call


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