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2016-09-13 Greece - Delphi to Kalambaca:

Hello Pilar,    You can do Kalabaka and Delphi in two days (although I donít find it a good idea).  From Delphi you can travel to Athens  the afternoon and then from Athens to travel to Kalabaka.    Delphi

2016-09-05 Turkey - Debt collection demand:

I'm really glad to hear you were able to find someone to deal with this so quickly.   For your future reference, a claimant cannot have your bank accounts restricted unless/until a debt is considered valid

2016-09-03 Turkey - Debt collection demand:

Hi,  It's difficult to give you exact advice without seeing the document but you must not ignore this.  There should be a period given for response from the date of delivery and you need to find out what

2016-08-02 Greece - Tolo - Athens:

Hello Flora,  In order to go to Athens you can only use the bus. Unfortunately due to construction works the train line is temporally unavailable.    So in order to go by bus, you have to travel to Nafplion


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