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2016-11-03 Turkey - 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt does this cause?:

Hi,   The coup attemp doesn not pose a risk for visiğtors. It's more for internal issues nowadays, the government is after the cooperators of the coup, purging thousands of government employees who

2016-11-03 Turkey - 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt does this cause problems for visitors?:

Hi,  I'm not entirely clear what your question is here but no, the attempted coup has not caused any problems for visitors to Turkey as long as they follow the guidelines for travel issued by the embassies/consulates

2016-09-29 Greece - Atens to Delphi, Delphi to Kalambaca:

Hello Pilar,  I am glad that I helped.    Of course you can go to Lamia and then to kalambaka. (Somehow I thought you had booked a hotel in Athens and you wanted to do daily trips or something like this)

2016-09-22 Greece - Transport:

Hello Marea,     Sorry for the delay to answer your question, I had answered a similar question and I thought it was a double question.     Anyway, you are coming to Greece where everything is possible!!

2016-09-13 Greece - Delphi to Kalambaca:

Hello Pilar,    You can do Kalabaka and Delphi in two days (although I don’t find it a good idea).  From Delphi you can travel to Athens  the afternoon and then from Athens to travel to Kalabaka.    Delphi


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