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2016-09-22 Italian Language - pesce e pesci:

Dear Rich,    It is so: the singular noun  “pesce” can be used as either a count noun or as a non-count noun in some cases (view my previous answer),  and the plural noun “pesci” can only be used as a

2016-09-20 Italian Language - use of "gatto" and "gatta":

Dear Rich,    It is so: the terms  “gatto”  and “gatta”  are both commonly used in Italian.    Also, in a general conversation we mostly just say “gatto” without making the gender distinction, but  we

2016-09-19 Italian Language - "pesce" e/o "pesci":

Dear Rich,    In Italian the masculine singular noun “pesce”  begomes “pesci” in the plural as a “count-noun”, but it can also be used as a “non-count noun” in the following cases:    1)when we use “pesce”

2016-09-18 Italian Language - prounuciation of the family name Zannoni:

Dear Anatoly,    first of all the Italian double Z has to be pronounced correctly double TS in the English transliteration, as you can hear at the following link where there is the correct pronunciation

2016-09-17 Italian Language - use of: anatra maschio:

Dear Rich,    in Italian we use the noun "anatra" to generally indicate both a female duck and a male duck.    If however we want to specify the gender of this water bird we say “anatra maschio” and “anatra


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