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2017-04-24 Italian Language - translation:

Dear Rich,    I really want to help your wife and you in this sad circumstance.    So, here’s the correct translation of the short note that your wife and you would like to include in a sympathy card to

2017-04-23 Italian Language - possession:

Dear Rich,    you must say:“La bambina si lava la faccia”, not “La bambina si lava la sua faccia”; “Io mi lavo le mani”, not “Io mi lavo le mie mani”;“La donna si lava i capelli”, not “La donna si lava

2017-04-19 Italian Language - Translation:

Dear Rich,    in the sentence “Desidero fare a te e alla tua bella famiglia i miei migliori auguri” you must translate “fare” as “give” and therefore say:”I wish to give you and your family my best wishes”

2017-04-12 Italian Language - follow-up:

Dear Rich,    first of all the Italian expression  “Altri 42 anni!“ used as a toast to your wife literally means  “Another 42 years”, while  “42 anni ancora!” used in the same sense as “Altri 42 anni!“

2017-04-10 Italian Language - use of: “più”:

Dear Rich,    Sorry, but I’m not sure of  the sense of “42 more years”.  So, if “42 more years” as a toast to your wife  means that you would like to live with her for 42 years to come, you should say:”Altri


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