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2017-03-22 Golf - Set up:

Hello LD:  Many great players have little quirks to start their swings.  What happens as a result is the important question.  If you can tell, notice where your weight ends up in the back swing.  It should

2017-03-18 Golf - Struggling with iron play:

Hi Mike.  Thanks for your question.  I'll need some more information before I can venture an answer.  Namely,  1.  Before you changed your grip, what was your ball flight?  2.  Did the ball tend to go

2017-01-28 Pro Golfing - multi-course tournaments:

Hello Tom;    I am would venture to say that over time, there have probably been some, how many and where they were I cannot answer.  My advance apologies for the length of this as there is no quick answer


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