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2016-12-09 Comic books (Comics) - "Childrens" comic books?:

Hi Adam,    Were they specifically Superman comic book stories or just other comic books in general? Unfortunately, my knowledge is focused on the area of Superman comics only, and I don't recall anything

2016-12-08 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Requesting information about a trunk:

John,   Many of these antique trunks do not have any label or markings on them, especially if made after about 1900. This is an American made cross slat barrel top trunk with embossed metal covering.

2016-12-07 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - strange penny:

Hello Max,    What you have is an altered coin - this was not done at the mint. We can guess that the person who did this was trying to create some type of novelty coin or they were practicing jewelry

2016-12-06 Coin and Paper Money Collecting - 2 Rupees coin:

There was only a commemorative issue of the Rs 2 in 2012  and in 2013 coin was minted in Stainless Steel, not nickel plated like from 2005

2016-12-06 Stamps (Philately) - Stamps and a medalic postal cover:

Elizabeth,    I don't have any experience with medallions, but I can tell you that the stamps pictured are quite common in postally used condition.  Such examples more often sell by weight rather than


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