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2016-10-02 Space Exploration - Human Spaceflight:

Hi,    firstly, think about mankind's achievements in the past and what problems they had to face;  - ship explorations and health problems  - breaking the sound barrier  - first man in space  - heart

2016-09-26 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Regarding Israel - followup:

An innocent question is not racist or anti-semitic. A question that is knowingly based on lies, is.     First of all, calling them "arab" Jews or christians is racist. You're either Arab or you're not

2016-09-22 Conservatives - Weird question:

I have no medical education, but people who I talk to says that her symptoms are that of someone with Parkinson's disease, especially with her problems with balance and walking up and down stairs. Some

2016-09-20 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Police search warrants:

 Sherry-    The only piece equipment that we are aware of that could do what he was claiming is a Global Positioning System (GPS) device. We are unaware of any commercially available GPS device that could

2016-09-20 Immigration Issues - EB3 Application:

Hi,    As the H1B petition requesting change of status was filed no later than your B2 status expiration date in November 2011, you were lawfully able to remain in the U.S. while the decision was pending


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