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2016-12-05 Education Issues - Teachings in Public Schools:

Dear Demetrius:    Essentially, curriculum is designed  with certain important tasks in mind such as clear learning objectives, adequate learning materials in the form of text books, laboratories, and

2016-12-05 Canada - Government Information - Canada Study Visa - Gap 5 yrs:

Hi Mamta;    Thank you for your question.    There's no restriction on applying for Study Permit if there's a gap in studies. In order for the application to be successful, the rationale for studies must

2016-11-29 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Committee Chairs--who do they listen to?:

Hello,    There are no enforceable rules about who members of Congress correspond with.  They are free to ignore messages from everyone, respond to everyone, or respond to only select groups of their choosing

2016-11-25 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - search and seized:

Tudy,    The search of a motor vehicle on the public highway is one of the exceptions to the search warrant requirement.  Apparently another agency informed CHP that you had drugs in the car so that added

2016-11-16 Immigration Issues - h1b transfer:

Hi,    You can enter the U.S. with unexpired H1B visa of Co. A but you should have H1B approval through Co. B when entering the U.S. if the intention at time of entry is employment by Co. B. There is the


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