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2017-01-20 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Middle East:

Hi Murshid,    All four aspects of your question are actually intertwined.     Until the 4th century, the majority of the native Israeli population was either Jewish or Samaritan. Between the 4th and 7th

2017-01-19 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Inauguration:

There are no requirements for outgoing Presidents.  A few of them early in our history skipped inaugurations of their successors.  Almost all outgoing Presidents though attend the inauguration of their

2017-01-18 Participating in the Political Process - Russia:

Yeah, it was pretty clear -- see the MSNBC story at, or the Wikipedia article at

2017-01-17 Participating in the Political Process - Russia:

Dear Joyce,    Well, no, I can't tell you, because the intelligence agencies are not disclosing said evidence. That's not surprising -- they never do disclose evidence, as doing so would reveal how they

2017-01-15 Immigration Issues - Change of status to F1:

Hi,    As long as your wife is maintaining F1 status on the day that the change of status application is filed with the USCIS, she can remain legally in the U.S. even if she is no longer a student after


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