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2016-12-02 Indonesia - 1 month Bali in february:

Hi, Piet,  1) Yes, I'd go to Candidasa the next day so you're not rushed. It's not far, but still . . . Lovina would be fine. Bali's funny that way . . . a lot of great places to visit, but when you get

2016-11-28 Indonesia - 1 month Bali in february:

Hi, Piet,  You'll have a wonderful time! Sure you could rent a scooter . . . but be VERY careful. Trucks ply the very narrow roads to Ubud and Seririt . . . and there are plenty of accidents. Absolutely

2016-10-21 Taiwan - finding an address:

I'm sorry, but I don't know that this is possible.     The phone number you have is a cell phone number. (00 is to dial internationally, and 886 is the country number. Inside Taiwan, the full cell number


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