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2016-09-24 Graphic Design - Making back cover:

Well, Word is not easy to use, but entirely possible for this purpose. You will need to use text boxes and position them free from the flow of the page.    You can set your document size (if this this

2016-09-22 Graphic Design - Chapters begin on the Right?:

HI Demetrius,    I will answer the two-parts of your question:  1.  Yes, It's a convention for book layout to start the first chapter on the right facing page, and to follow suit with subsequent chapters

2016-09-21 Adobe InDesign - inDesign nudge:

Hi Howard,    Thank you for your question.    When you say scanned document - do you mean that the document is rasterised and can't be edited?  If so have you brought this image into an Indesign document


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