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2017-02-15 Adobe Illustrator - Die-line + Bleed for two colors:

I keep wondering if it wouldn't be easier to:    First create your letters/shapes, then copy them.    This will become shadow layer. Make it the darker color and give it a large stroke to extend past the

2017-02-15 Adobe Illustrator - Die-line + Bleed for two colors:

Hi Linda,    Is the physical sticker the shape of an S? I *think* I know what the desired result is. I don't think you'll be able to achieve it with pathfinder alone. Might have to adjust some anchor points

2017-02-10 Pagemaker (Adobe) - Unable to input text:

Hi!    Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you - was not receiving any emails where I was!    Now I'm back... and hopefully give you some support!    I assume you've already created a text-block in

2017-01-27 Adobe Photoshop - Color change with shading:

Hi Jim,  Easiest solution would be.  1. Create a new layer on top of your object Layer. Fill it with the desired color you want the object to be.  2.Change the Blending mode of this layer to Hue or color

2017-01-22 Adobe Photoshop - Deleting layers:

This is extremely difficult to troubleshoot without seeing what you are doing.     I am thinking you should check the layers palette. Look at what changes when you move text. Can you just use the type


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