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2017-04-17 Adobe Photoshop - Change mannequin shoot to real person:

Unfortunately, there is no "easy" way to make a photo illustration (altering and merging subjects). I do not know of any specific tutorials at this time as I do not know. However, some rules you can follow

2017-03-28 Adobe Photoshop - Transparency:

Sorry for the delay. Somehow I missed the alert. It sounds like you are setting up your transparency with an automatic selection function like Magic Wand, Color Range, etc. They will ALWAYS pick up something

2017-02-15 Adobe Illustrator - Die-line + Bleed for two colors:

I keep wondering if it wouldn't be easier to:    First create your letters/shapes, then copy them.    This will become shadow layer. Make it the darker color and give it a large stroke to extend past the

2017-02-15 Adobe Illustrator - Die-line + Bleed for two colors:

Hi Linda,    Is the physical sticker the shape of an S? I *think* I know what the desired result is. I don't think you'll be able to achieve it with pathfinder alone. Might have to adjust some anchor points

2017-02-10 Pagemaker (Adobe) - Unable to input text:

Hi!    Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you - was not receiving any emails where I was!    Now I'm back... and hopefully give you some support!    I assume you've already created a text-block in


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