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2016-09-26 Electric Guitars - Hondo formula 1:

Thank you for writing in Danny,  you have a very nice guitar. Yours is made in Japan, they have a very high standard in the making of their instruments. Many see the level of the Japanese made models as

2016-08-15 Electric Guitars - Buzz noise caused by a fridge motor:

This is a common if not always easy problem to solve, but I have attached some links so that you can immerse yourself in the scenario and then make a calculated decision on how you want to tackle the solution

2016-08-11 Guitar - General - playing fast:

There are many ways to go about it. A common one is to simply relax and play what feels right, which could mean leaving some out, and if it's fast enough it could even mean flipping the timing upside down

2016-08-04 Guitar - General - hondo bass?:

Hi,  Thanks for your question.  I think you're correct in saying that it's a Hondo bass - from the photograph it certainly looks like the Hondo logo on the headstock.  Hondo were mostly active in the 70s

2016-08-02 Guitar - General - Airline acoustic guitar:

Hello Nancy,  Thanks for your question.  The asymmetrical design of this guitar is what's known as a cutaway design.  It's not very traditional, but it is reasonably common on acoustic guitars.  As for


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