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2016-12-02 Acoustic Guitars - K Yairi Classical with no model number..:

Hi-Your classical guitar is made by Kazuo Yairi, or shall I say at his factory (gakki). K. Yairi is brother to S. Yairi, both guitar builders of some fame. Much has been written about these luthiers, their

2016-12-01 Acoustic Guitars - Hohner acoustic guitar:

Hi. This guitar, and many similar models from this era, are generally lower quality, entry level, and made  employing laminate construction. The materials were generally spruce for the top and mahogany

2016-12-01 Acoustic Guitars - Orpheum Guitar Info:

Hi Jim-thanks for the question-it gave me the chance to go over some of my research materials to hunt down a reference I read some time ago. Current contemporary thought is that your guitar was made by

2016-11-29 Acoustic Guitars - Alvarez artist 5014 six string:

Hi-So, what you have here is a mid 1990's Alvarez Artist Model 5014 acoustic guitar, Grand Concert or OM body type, sunburst finish, made in Japan, Spruce top, laminate Mahogany back & sides, Rosewood

2016-11-17 Electric Guitars - You are back! & Fender surge protector:

Hi Yuzo my man!  Yes, I am indeed back after a too-long break.  Now, on to your question...    Yes, the Fender surge protector is a good unit.  Like most things "Fender" I find it a bit overpriced (that


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