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2017-02-13 Headaches/Migraines - hit my head:

Carolyn,    Hitting your head two weeks should not still be causing these issues unless their is something else going on.     Usually from these types of injuries it will effect the spine, which will in

2017-01-23 Pain Management - help--sick 3+ months, no one helping:

Hello!    I am sorry for your problem. It's more common than the official medicine is ready to recognize and due to my professional work and affiliation I am ready to suspect that your symptoms and the

2016-11-23 Pain Management - Urgent please help:

Hi Amber.  I'm glad you wrote in. You must be terrified. You didn't say your age or how long you have been on the MS and the other narcotics. I think you should follow the dr's advice and take an extra


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