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2017-03-08 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - Medicaid and SNAP:

The short answer is that there are income and asset limitations for SNAP and Medicaid eligibility. Unfortunately, every state has different limitations. In New York City, you should seek specific legal

2017-03-08 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - benefits:

Hi, thanks for the question.  The simple answer is Yes.  You may lose Medicaid for the month you receive the inheritance.  For subsequent months, you would have to either spend down to the appropriate

2017-03-07 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - benefits: may depending on many factors that are specific to you so I would suggest to contact a NY attorney when you know the amount and date you will receive.  Would be worth the cost of an attorney since

2017-02-22 Medical Malpractice - Arachnoiditis after back surgery:

Jennifer; Firstly, let me tell you that I have been an attorney representing victimns of medical  malpractice for 40 years now. I am on your side.  I am very sympathetic to your situation.  I am very sorry

2017-01-12 Medical Malpractice - medical negligance/malpractice:

Wayne,    Sorry to hear about your loss.    I would always recommend speaking with a qualified medical malpractice attorney to determine your rights and options.  Most medical malpractice claimant's attorneys


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