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2016-09-23 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - health insurance:

Hi John, thank you for the question.  It appears you've done a marvelous job of navigating the website as well as your goals and intentions!  Good job.  The only other thing I would advise is to talk with

2016-09-19 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - PCOD and Medicaid: sorry to hear about your daughter. Medicaid eligibility goes by income or lack of. It has nothing to do with the diagnosis. Please encourage her to contact the Medicaid office in her state to get

2016-08-29 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - Insurance Billing:

Hi John,     Best thing to do is to ask the Dr for a copy of all your bills and review each one with explanation of benefits from your insurance company.  Many insurance companies now allow you to view

2016-08-27 Privacy of Medical Data - HIPAA:

everyone uses HIPAA as an excuse to do or not do something. Suggest you always have her sign as she is able. Not worth fighting as long as you know.    Merry

2016-08-26 Privacy of Medical Data - HIPAA:

Joyce. They were correct. Thank goodness it wasnt more serious. Be sure that there is always a signed consent on file everywhere you go and keep a copy. Sorry that you had to go through this. So frustrating


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