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2017-02-22 Medical Malpractice - Arachnoiditis after back surgery:

Jennifer; Firstly, let me tell you that I have been an attorney representing victimns of medical  malpractice for 40 years now. I am on your side.  I am very sympathetic to your situation.  I am very sorry

2017-01-12 Medical Malpractice - medical negligance/malpractice:

Wayne,    Sorry to hear about your loss.    I would always recommend speaking with a qualified medical malpractice attorney to determine your rights and options.  Most medical malpractice claimant's attorneys

2016-12-23 Medical Malpractice - class action for methotraxate:

I can't possibly answer your question without knowing why your were prescribed Metho and what complications you have suffered.  Methotrexate is a stong and toxic medication and is only prescribed when

2016-12-01 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - Health insurance:

Hi Amber!    I suggest that she tries to go on to the site to see if she qualifies for a rebate however this does not start with coverage until Jan 1st but you must sign up by Dec 15th.


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