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2016-10-18 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - Switching from Humana to Medicare:

Bob..your sister should get in touch with the department of aging in the state where your sister lives. This is a free service. They can advise her and help her make the best decision. She may be on a

2016-10-11 Life & Health Insurance - life or burial insurance:

I'm sorry, but at age 96 it would be virtually impossible to purchase a life insurance plan that would be anything remotely affordable or reasonable.  At age 96, he has fortunately already outlived the

2016-09-29 Life & Health Insurance - Insurance Exam Question:

Miss Wilson,    In most states the final exam is done online in a test center(i.e. Pearson for example).  It is fully proctored and can't be done at home.  Also the Texas department of insurance website

2016-09-28 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - medicare plans:

It is a good question. Let me make it easier for you. Medicare will pay, as will most plans pay for procedures that are medically necessary. With commercial insurance plans they require pre authorizations

2016-09-28 Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health - medicare plans:

Don't worry. You have a Medigap plan which coordinates with Medicare. If Medicare pays which they will if its a medical necessary procedure than your plan will pay.   Sorry you have to have surgery.  


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