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2016-08-06 Hebrew Language - Hebrew words root meaning:

Hi Harold,    ארץ is its own root, meaning earth, country, ground. Notice the similarity to Earth.    The root of רקיע is רקע, background, to

2016-07-29 Israel - help:

Israel is definitely a great country in which to live, but the government here is very strict about who can become a citizen. The only requirement is that you be Jewish. This is not an easy thing to become

2016-07-25 Hebrew Language - Was vs. Became controversy:

Ron,    Early Biblical Hebrew grammar was structured somewhat differently from late grammar, and it is speculated that Gen 2 was written by a different source than Gen 1, and utilized a somewhat different

2016-07-17 Hebrew Language - hebrew verbs:

Hi Moshe,    The same root can be used in several binyanim, changing the meaning of the verb. The way to figure it out is to look the word up in a dictionary, using the binyan you think is right in male-past-singular

2016-07-13 Hebrew Language - Meaning of roots:

Hello Moshe,    You're correct in saying that the roots for themselves have no meaning, they are usually three-four letters that have to be put into "molds" to create words. However, the letters of verb-roots


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