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2017-03-08 Hebrew Language - Jacob/Israel:

Hi Jennifer,    Jacob - pronounced Yaacov in Hebrew - literally means "will follow [on the heels of]". It refers to him being born the second of twins.    The word "Israel" is composed of two parts:  י

2017-02-02 Hebrew Language - Tombstone inscriptions:

I, too, knew a person whose tombstone shows his mother's name. It was explained to me that he lost his parents in the Holocaust. His parents had placed him - a toddler - with a Christian family, where

2017-01-07 Hebrew Language - Hebrew spelling:

Unfortunately there is no rule. You have to know the word.  Recently, though, the Hebrew Academy stated that it prefers Samech over Sin in words such as  לפרוס  לת

2017-01-01 Hebrew Language - mishna:

Many of the laws in the book of Leviticus are very harsh: An adultereus wife shall be put to death, and so should homosexuals, rebellious sons and other sinners. One sect, the pharisees, saw a need for


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