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2016-09-08 Hematology - WBC:

Lisa,  Even I think its petty common for few people to have  low wbc count. Let's wait n recheck after few weeks. N this time check CBC(hemogram), wbc differential, iron profile and peripheral blood smear

2016-08-25 Hematology - Digital Portable X rays machine Interfacing with Smartphones.:

Prashant,  I don't think integrating xray machines in smart phones is good. One thing is xray radiations are teratogenic n long exposure could lead to mutations n cancer. So if such smartphone gets into

2016-08-25 Hematology - Universal Blood donor and Universal blood acceptor:

Prashant,  Blood group is determined by the presence of antigen type on the surface of RBCs. If antigen A is present then blood group would be A. If B antigen is presnt then blood group will be B.  If

2016-08-21 Hematology - Saline bottle treatment for Pets.:

It depends on the need of the situation. In cases like diarrhea you can give orally but then it will be called ORS(oral rehydration solution/salts) in case fluid loss which has already made the patient

2016-08-21 Hematology - Saline bottle treatment for Pets.:

Prashant,  I am not sure about birds and fish but cats, dogs horses can be given saline(not human saline). In case of fluid loss to recover rapidly saline would be used. But saline for humans is different


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