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2016-10-19 Hematology - High cholesterol:

Norman,  SOme people are unresponsive to normal dyslipidemic drugs eg. people with familial hypercholesterolemia. Make sure she doesnt have any pathology/disease that is pushing her cholesterol high like

2016-10-17 Hematology - Blood test results high wbc:

Anthony,  Nothing to worry as long as other values are normal and you dont have any symptoms you should be fine. It could simply be due to some viral infections like seasonal flu. If its consistently high

2016-09-26 Hematology - Blood test:

Caroline,  Your reports indicate iron deficiency anemia. So your doctor will test iron related tests next month. Ferritin is a iron related test. It will indicate the reserve iron stores of your body.

2016-09-08 Hematology - WBC:

Lisa,  Even I think its petty common for few people to have  low wbc count. Let's wait n recheck after few weeks. N this time check CBC(hemogram), wbc differential, iron profile and peripheral blood smear

2016-08-25 Hematology - Digital Portable X rays machine Interfacing with Smartphones.:

Prashant,  I don't think integrating xray machines in smart phones is good. One thing is xray radiations are teratogenic n long exposure could lead to mutations n cancer. So if such smartphone gets into


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