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2016-11-25 Alternative Medicine - Asafoetida (Hing) ?:

Hi,People, in India, use/consume a little bit of asafetida on a daily basis by adding it to curries and food.  You can dissolve a few small pieces of asafetida along with half teaspoon of ginger and one

2016-11-23 Pain Management - Urgent please help:

Hi Amber.  I'm glad you wrote in. You must be terrified. You didn't say your age or how long you have been on the MS and the other narcotics. I think you should follow the dr's advice and take an extra

2016-11-20 Herbs for Health - milk:

Not only milk, but all edible items are better absorbed in the system when consumed warm. The body likes warm temperature naturally. You yourself can experience that food served hot is more delicious than

2016-11-19 Alternative Medicine - Sjogren's Syndrome:

Hello John,    You always want to make sure you take a quality D3 and you might personally need K2 with it. You want to make sure you take one with no soy or fillers. You always want to take D3 with your

2016-11-18 Herbs for Health - 5HTP:

I think you're going to have to experiment a little. I would take a lesser dose for a few days. And take with food. Maybe at dinner or at least a few hours before bed. Make sure you taking a b complex


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