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2016-10-26 Alternative Medicine - Herbs or natural remedies for infected tooth:

Hi Steve,  My thought are that you should complete the course of antibiotic prescribed and follow you dentist's advice. There are no natural alternatives to antibiotics to cure infections of this kind

2016-10-26 Alternative Medicine - Infected tooth and abscess:

Dear, Steve!    If you have the infected inflammation on the end of the root of your tooth, you need to open this place for drainage. Two ways exist either root canal treatment or surgery of the apex of

2016-10-15 Herbs for Health - PMS:

Why don't you add 5htp to you program. For sore throat add ehinacea golden seal combo . Your system should be a alkaline too. So what is diet like . Eat mostly veggies no red meat for a while at least

2016-10-14 Alternative Medicine - Coumarin in cinnamon and cassia teas.:

Hi Mike  Yes, you are correct, coumarin is fat soluble - but alcohol can extract it as well.  (I misread your initial "isn't" for an "is" !).  So, yes you're pretty safe with cinnamon tea.  I think the

2016-10-11 Alternative Medicine - Storing herbal supplement:

Dear Brady,    Both methods you have mentioned are good.  I use canning jars with sealing lids and moisture absorber in cool, dry, and dark place.      Bags take less space than jars, but living in the


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