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2016-09-18 Hindus - enlightened person at old age:

Dear Vivek,    No one ever feels old. When people say 'I have become old' they only mean that their body become old. Most people continues to remain young with respect to their mind. Such people do claim

2016-08-29 Hindus - Meditation:

Dear T R Vasudevan,    Thank you for your follow-up question.    Be very clear that the purpose of meditation is total identification with the deity. This shift in identity typically happens in stages

2016-08-28 Hindus - Focus of attention during prayer:

Dear T. R. Vasudevan,    Thank you for your question.    A saintly sadhu named Gopesh Maharaj, who was then living in Vrindavan, told me many years ago that one should at least understand the words you

2016-08-22 Hindus - Bhasmadharan by women:

Dear Hariji,    Namaste.    Any one, man or woman, can wear bhasma on their entire body and that is only good and nothing bad. However, one does not become spiritual by just wearing bhasma but by controlling

2016-07-30 Hindus - Kaikeyi's character in Ramayana Epic.:

Hi Prashant,    There is nothing good or bad in absolute terms. Good or bad always determined ONLY in the mind of the perceiver. (Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder). So it is always possible to 'prove'


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