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2016-11-05 Hindus - desire good or bad:

Dear Salish,    Thank you for your question.    The Gita's teaching on nishkama karma is only for the one who desires liberation. If all you want is some human companionship and connection, by all means

2016-10-14 Hindus - Who am I?:

Dear TRV,    I can not answer your question. You need to realize the truth. That's why we have the name for the process of enlightenment as 'Self-Realization'.    But I can guide you in the process. You

2016-09-28 Hindus - Atman Vs Body:

Dear Vineet,    Atman and body are not two different things. Atman appears as a body.    Gold has bangle or Bangle has gold? Bangle and Gold are not two different things. Gold appears as bangle.    Bangle

2016-09-18 Hindus - enlightened person at old age:

Dear Vivek,    No one ever feels old. When people say 'I have become old' they only mean that their body become old. Most people continues to remain young with respect to their mind. Such people do claim


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