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2016-12-07 Moving Furniture - sofa:

Hi Eva  So the measurements for the sofa making it through the door are good. But here's where you might run into a problem. You said the door to the living room is to the right. Do you mean a right turn

2016-12-07 Moving Furniture - sofa:

HI   I hope I will be able to help :)    To be 100% certain all measurements of the sofa should be less than what the measurements of the clearance, however facts such as shape of the sofa, arms and back

2016-12-06 Moving Furniture - Will my 3 seater sofa fit in my new flat?:

Hi Mustafa   Best way to tell if a sofa will fit is very simple. If its straight in ,the height of the sofa has to be lower then the width of the door. Which I'm sorry to say doesn't fit your new sofa

2016-12-03 Moving Furniture - Fitting a high backed chair through door:

Hi Jonny  I don't see a problem. Since the back is higher then the arms you should be able to rotate it through the door and since the chair is smaller then the hallway it will make it down the hallway

2016-11-30 Moving Furniture - Will my sofa fit through my hallway:

Hi Leanne  Not enough info. Need the measurements for the sofa Length, width and height  Need door measurements width and height  Need to know if there are any sharp turns before or after entry.  Find


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