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2016-09-21 Bread & Pastries - Breading:

Hi James:    gluten free is not my area...but I did find these for you:    The best book on Gluten Free cooking is the following:

2016-09-18 Food Safety Issues - Pasteurization:

Pasteurization lowers the risk of contamination by bacteria associated with food poisoning. It is essential when you are talking about high risk items like milk. Consuming raw milk, milk that has not been

2016-09-01 Bread & Pastries - Glutton:

Hi James:    Gluten is form as soon as moisture hits the flour.    It adds expandability and elasticity.    With no gluten, it is difficult to hold the product together.    Gluten free formulas are carefully

2016-08-30 Home Cooking - Sun Dried Tomatoes:

Hi Jona,  Sun dried tomatoes are so versatile,  they can be sautéed into a recipe such as a spinach and mushroom omelet, used to top off a pizza, diced into a salad or soup, or sliced and used as a pretty

2016-08-30 Home Cooking - Sun Dried Tomatoes:

Hi Jona,   If the tomatoes are dried and not packed in oil, then you have to let them steep in hot water or wine, then drain them before using. But if they are packed in oil, then you can use them straight


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