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2016-10-12 Audio Systems - 3.5mm feed:

You'll need to be a bit more specific as to what you're trying to accomplish then... What format are you wanting to record to?  Is. The 3.5mm bringing in one channel of balanced audio or two channels of

2016-10-11 Audio Systems - Car audio to bass guitar amp:

Yes, but car radio speakers don't make very good sound quality for guitars.  But electrically there is no problem.    When connecting to amplifier your most important requirement is to make sure the impedance

2016-10-02 Audio Systems - no sound from aftermarket stereo installation:

Sorry for the delay.    Without knowing the model number of the aftermarket unit I can only guess what may be going on.    My first guess upon looking at your question is incompatibility with Bose system

2016-09-22 Audio Systems - Hum and OVER LEVEL:

Is it something just now happening and it was okey before? Or is it a condition upon first installing and hooking up the system?    Hum is usually caused when the ground is open circuit or incomplete.

2016-09-05 Audio Systems - connecting my speaker to a sub:

Hi Ryan,    Well - You're right, there is no output on those as they are meant to be kind of a portable unit.    I do have a solution, however.    When you're subwoofer shopping, look for something that


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