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2017-01-22 Audio Systems - Music program for computer:    According to the above link MMJB is compatible with Windows10.  You didn't say what PC you are using but if you have a W10 you should be okey.    Also

2017-01-12 Home Theater - Wifi speakers:

Hello Nina,  Wireless works either Bluetooth or wifi.   If your TV has a RCA out. That is Red White and Yellow plugs. Then you can use Bluetooth transmitter and receiver adapter.   I tried attaching an

2017-01-10 Audio Systems - Church Audio:

Yes, augmenting the system with more speakers is a legitimate method.  And, not only more speakers, properly placed, can fill in the sound areas where audio strength is needed.  Power level of the amplifiers

2017-01-10 Audio Systems - Church Audio:

I see nothing wrong with your proposal.  It may be an improvement for driving the speakers and the 70v Mackie should really be using 70v transformers to connect the speakers.  Transformers are usually

2016-12-31 Home Theater - Small TV:

It's not so much that "smaller TVs" create a "loss in audio" as it is the headphone outputs on TVs are generally not on-par with that of a hi-fi component (like a separate integrated amplifier or headphone


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