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2017-02-21 Audio Systems - Turntable hookup:

You could connect the audio outputs (L and R rca connectors on back panel) of the Denon to audio inputs on the back of the Yamaha.  Keep the speakers always connected to the Yamaha rcvr.  When you want

2017-02-20 Audio Systems - Turntable hookup:

Yes, perhaps hooking backup the Denon may help you determine the problem. If sound is good it points to the new rcvr as the problem area.    But speaker wires must be totally switched over. You must not

2017-02-20 Audio Systems - Turntable hookup:

Don't know that preamp but it may not have sufficient output to drive the eq.  To prove the preamp is working correctly temporarily remove the eq and connect the preamp outs to the rcvr.    Then let me

2017-02-19 Home Theater - Projector:

Yes - like a camera's aperture. An electrochromatic panel could not respond fast enough or with fine enough control, and it would also damage color reproduction and contrast (as it would get "darker" relative

2017-02-15 Home Theater - Projectors:

Generally these kinds of features, at least on more modern hardware, work fairly well, but will experience more "erratic" results with video material that strays from the mainstream - some videogames (especially


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