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2017-03-23 Audio Systems - Audio in DVR:

Mic in is for the output of a microphone goes into the device for amplification. So you can remember the standard nomenclature is:out means signal is coming out of that box/device and in means you are

2017-03-21 Audio Systems - car entertain:

It is a personal choice. If you listen mostly to news and voice programs you would benifit little with rear speakers. Unless you have back seat riders with demands of their own!    For music you would

2017-03-16 Audio Systems - Receiver and speaker combination:

I cannot vouch for the dog, but humans quickly get accustomed to hearing background noises.      You should start with a low cost receiver with built-in fm radio.  Places like BestBuy still have low cost

2017-03-16 Audio Systems - 500 sq ft Indoor Cycling studio:

Hi John and thanks for the question.   Since you have a mic already, I would start here to assure compatibility:

2017-03-09 Audio Systems - headphone AMP and external sound card:

The inputs for the amp on are the BACK of he unit. The "input" on the front of the amp is not the 3.5mm jack, it's the switch that selects between the A or B inputs on the back of the unit.    The jacks


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