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Medieval History

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2016-09-11 European History - SS RuSHA office:

Hi Adriana,    From Adrian Weale's book ARMY OF EVIL: A HISTORY OF THE SS (2010), page 120, is this statement regarding investigations by RuSHA: "In theory, all of this information would be checked in

2016-09-06 European History - Sir Nevile Henderson:

Hi Adriana,    The evidence I've found strongly indicates that Sir Nevile had at least a rudimentary grasp of German. An account of him delivering an ultimatum to von Ribbontrop describes that he went

2016-08-30 Medieval History - The Walls of Constantinople.:

Hi Thomas,    That's exactly right: the only time the walls failed was in 1453 when Constantinople was conquered by the forces of Mehmet II. It's true that Constantinople was overcome in 1204 by the Crusaders

2016-08-04 Medieval History - medieval question:

Sam, Here is are videos that may be helpful.  One covers early means of exchange and barter, through the fairly modern use of money.    I suggest you watch these videos in their entirty.

2016-08-04 Medieval History - question..:

Hi Sam,    I recommend two books. First is Niall Ferguson's The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World (2009).    The second is Paul Strathern's The Medici: Godfather's of the Renaissance. Either


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