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2017-04-23 Word Problems - Calculus:

(a) Since V=(4/3)Pi*r^3, differentiating wrt "t" gives: dV/dt=4pi*r^2*dr/dt, substituting  .   r=2 cm, dV/dt=-8 cm^3/sec, we get -8=4pi*4*dr/dt ===> dr/dt=-1/(2pi) cm/sec or approx. -0.16 cm/sec    (b)

2017-04-20 General Writing and Grammar Help - Be shot dead:

Dear Paolo:    Is it true that the expression/phrase "to be shot dead" has become old-fashioned and, therefore, is rarely used in everyday English? Is it really so?    By the way, is it an "expression"

2017-04-20 General Writing and Grammar Help - I'll make my way in - I'll make my way out:

Dear Paolo:      Do the sentences below make sense in English?    >I'll make my way in.    >I'll make my way out.    If so, when do you use them?      *** Yes, they make sense.  You use them when you want

2017-04-20 General Writing and Grammar Help - I'll lead your way in - I'll lead your way out:

Dear Paolo:    When a guests enters or leaves a new place, is it correct from the host to say, "I'll lead your way in" and "I'll leave your way out"?    *** The first expression is correct.  The second

2017-04-19 General Writing and Grammar Help - Reach the final of a competition:

Dear Paolo:      Are there other ways to express the concept below? What about "to be through to the final of a competition"?    To reach the final of a competition    *** I don't like "to be through to


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