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2016-10-25 Horses - racking horses:

David, if he is a Standardbred and 12 years old, the 2nd character of his freeze brand should be "B." I ran a few #'s that were similar to the # you provided, and all were listed as mares or geldings.If

2016-10-25 Horses - racking horses:

David, any idea how old this horse is? Are you absolutely sure of the lip tattoo and that he is a Standardbred? Lip tattoos haven't been used in many years and get harder to read as they get older. That

2016-10-08 Horses - QUESTION HORSE BUYING:

Dear Kenny,  You are wise not to enter into horse ownership lightly. It is a huge responsibility both in terms of cost and commitment but also because horses require very specific care. I would urge you


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