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2017-01-12 Human Resources - FMLA:

Andie,    Thank you for the follow up question.  Short answer is wait until you are asked when you can start- don't volunteer it right away since you may not know if you are even being considered for hire

2017-01-12 Human Resources - FMLA:

Andie,    I'll not advise that you should be dishonest... that is up to you.  FMLA is a law that protects covered employers and workers so they can come back to their jobs after they are out for medical

2017-01-09 Human Resources - Employment/Unemployment:

Hello,    The only way to determine if you are eligible for unemployment benefits is to go and file for them.  Laws can differ from state to state.  Possibly your former company would re-hire you.    

2016-12-15 Human Resources - confusion in job:

Hi Ritesh  Glad that you can manage the preparation for the exam in 20 days. You have not responded to my earlier questions on whether you have only sick leave available or are there other leaves available

2016-12-13 Human Resources - confusion in job:

Hi Ritesh  Your predicament is understandable. The concern of not getting a job should you not make it to the new job despite quitting & the challenge of not having time to prepare while at work, can be


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