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2016-09-20 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - Police search warrants:

 Sherry-    The only piece equipment that we are aware of that could do what he was claiming is a Global Positioning System (GPS) device. We are unaware of any commercially available GPS device that could

2016-09-15 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - speeding ticket:

Jim,    Contact the Officer by tracking down the police department general number and asking to leave him a message.  You could even ask for the Officer's departmental e-mail address and contact him through

2016-09-14 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - speeding ticket:

Jim,    It sounds like you were traveling through an area/region you don't normally go through.  It would not make sense to me that the citing Officer would dismiss the ticket at court.  My suggestion

2016-08-26 Coping with Terrorism - Isis:

Hello Joyce and thank you for your question.    The question of "why they hate us" can be confusing for most Americans, who by most measures are moderate in their views and simply want to go about their

2016-08-08 Crime & Law Enforcement Issues - The Rhoden family murders Ohio:

Dear Tiffany, Thank you for writing, but I know very little about the recent Pike County, Ohio Mass Murder. Given I am not fully updated on the case, I apologize for not being able to offer an opinion


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