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Irritable Bowel/Crohn's Disease

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2016-12-03 Gastroenterology - Severe digestive issues:

Dear. Ragna!    Please, relax because the chronic stress may aggravate digestive issues.   Your condition is classical dysbiosis ( Candida-yeast overgrowth and small intestine bacterial overgrowth-SIBO)

2016-11-27 Gastroenterology - Sudden Acid, Gas Problems:

Dear, Adam!  At first is my congratulation about lost 10 pounds. It is first, small, but extremely important victory to get your health. Working as a doctor many of years, I realized that people like to

2016-11-23 Gastroenterology - stomach:

Dear, Dave!    The absence of the structural and blood work changes do not mean that your GI tract is healthy if you have real digestive symptoms and pain. There are many functional disorders such as functional

2016-11-20 Gastroenterology - colon:

Dear, Jason!    People with the redundant colon or elongated colon may have experience constipation, bloating, and left lower abdominal pain. It can by signs of the dysbiosis (low amount of the beneficial

2016-11-14 Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Carbonation:

Hi Bud - I am not sure if there's an explanation behind this that relates to IBS. Carbonation is definitely a big IBS trigger, particularly for bloating and gas.    Some current research shows that people


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