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Irritable Bowel/Crohn's Disease

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2017-02-20 Gastroenterology - Sudden intolerance to alcohol?:

Dear, Barry!    You are completely right. After break and start to drink cold alcohol again, sensitivity to alcohol is getting higher. Friendly, I do not like your abdominal pain, headache and nausea.

2017-02-06 Gastroenterology - Cough:

Dear, Justin!    A few things I can discuss with you.    First. You wrote “chronic cough and throat”, “clearing  cough up a white foamy stuff”, “really bubbly and white mixed with clear after I cough it

2017-02-02 Gastroenterology - chronic constipation:

Dear, Chris!    Many people want the simple solution for constipation and like to take the symptomatic treatment. I think that you like to have some laxatives. The laxatives irritate colon wall and cause

2017-01-27 Gastroenterology - Bad breath sore tummy:

Dear, Stephen!    You are completely right. The stomach problems and bad breath are interrelated. Bad breath typically shows the high-level inner toxicity and fermentation in the GI tract.     My simple

2017-01-24 Gastroenterology - Gerd:

Dear, Stefanie!    Acid reflux is the most common diagnosis because there are stomach acid suppressors’ medications. GERD is the most common diagnose, and the acid suppressors are a billion dollars myth


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