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Irritable Bowel/Crohn's Disease

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2016-10-21 Gastroenterology - Indigestion -Headache:

 Dear, Lisa!    The reasons for “Indigestion –Headache” may be various. I cannot say exactly without the knowing the age, eating habits, medications, history, lifestyle and, medical date, etc. But I can

2016-10-16 Gastroenterology - Liver:

 Dear, James!    You caught my mind. Food allergy and sensitivity is an enormous and sometimes hidden problem. Non-gluten diet is a healthy solution for you and your liver particularly.  Keep doing what

2016-10-16 Gastroenterology - Liver:

Dear, James!  I think that increasing the physical activity and changes in the eating habits are the best way to deal with the fatty liver. Pain in the upper right quadrant (URQ) of the stomach is very

2016-10-08 Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS:

Hi Diane- I'm so sorry, I cannot diagnose you. I can say this does not sound like IBS. The age of onset, the fact that there was no triggering incident (food poisoning, bacterial infection, abdominal surgery

2016-10-03 Gastroenterology - reflux:

Dear, Damian!    I do not know much about your health; therefore, I cannot give you medical advice.   Heartburn and reflux do not mean high stomach acidity, but low function of the valve between esophagus


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