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2017-01-15 Immigration Issues - Change of status to F1:

Hi,    As long as your wife is maintaining F1 status on the day that the change of status application is filed with the USCIS, she can remain legally in the U.S. even if she is no longer a student after

2017-01-14 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1.  I am good at long distance running. I started running when I was in junior high school. Our school held a running race every December in the mountains near our campus. My PE teacher taught me some

2017-01-14 English as a Second Language - Difference:

Hi Santosh    1. the verb tense is the Past Perfect which expresses the idea that the purchase of the house happened before another action in the past. It can also show that purchasing the house happened

2017-01-13 English as a Second Language - word choice:

1.    If you lost your traveler’s checks and someone found them, he might _______ them.    What can be filled in the blank? “Claim/cash/ use”? use, or cash are appropriate here      2. Janet was planning

2017-01-12 English as a Second Language - As and When:

Hi Sami,     thank you for your question.     The correct sentence here should read: When I was ten, I likes soccer.     I have never seen the expression "As I was ten I liked soccer" nor do I know of


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