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2017-03-24 Hindus - Vedas:

Dear Santhosh,    Thank you for your questions.    Veda means "knowledge," and the spiritual message of our Vedas—All is One—is eternal. That is why the proper name for our religion is Sanatana Dharma

2017-03-22 Hindus - Advaita Vedanta and Lokas:

Nik,    Thanks for posting this interesting question. Vedas are very clear on what happens on the death of the body. Depending on the fructifying results of the accumulated Karma, one takes birth in one

2017-02-18 Hindus - MENIFESTING:

Dear Vineet,    Thank you for your question.    In the two-birds metaphor one bird watches while the other eats of the fruit of the tree. This is a metaphor for Consciousness in two aspects, Witness Subject

2017-02-15 Indian Law - personal loan defaulter:

The maxium period for the recovery of a loan legally is within three years from the date the loan becomes due. In your question, you have not stated how much years has passed since the loan has become

2017-01-14 Hindus - Vedas and Dharmas:

Dear Santosh,    Thank you for your questions.    Veda ("Knowledge") is eternal, and the author is Brahmā, the Creator. Sages received the mantras in meditation and transmitted them to their disciples


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