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2017-01-14 Hindus - Vedas and Dharmas:

Dear Santosh,    Thank you for your questions.    Veda ("Knowledge") is eternal, and the author is Brahmā, the Creator. Sages received the mantras in meditation and transmitted them to their disciples

2017-01-14 Hindus - Vedas Dharmas:

Dear Santhosh,    Namaste.    The Vedas were not written by any person. They are the collection of truths realised by people of wisdom called rishis. Upanishads are part of the Vedas. Sanatana Dharma is

2017-01-14 Hindus - enquiry:

Dear Dhruv,    Thank you for your questions.    Giving in charity (dāna) is both a duty and privilege of householders. Give what you can, when you can.     Hijra dharma involves biological males identifying

2016-12-25 Hindus - What is Dharma?:

Hi,    Dharma is doing all the tasks that you have taken up on yourself to the best of your ability. In addition you should help all living beings to the extent possible and try to avoid hurting anyone

2016-12-20 Indian Cuisine - Indian:

   "Americanized" Indian Food has relatively little "merch" (ground hot red chilis);     and the seasonings are simplified by not using  Curry Leaves, Hing (asafetida), carom (Ajwain), mustard oil, etc


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