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2017-03-05 Infertility/Fertility - Fibroid and ICSI:

Hello Samy from Egypt,    You have not given me much information to give you advice on.  There are numerous reasons why an IVF cycle could fail.  In terms of a fibroid in the endometrium, I presume this

2017-02-24 Infertility/Fertility - Pregnancy:

Hello K.F. from the U.S. (Indiana),    In fact, there is a very small window of opportunity for a woman to become pregnant in each month.  That window is within 12 hours of ovulation, but the problem is

2017-02-14 Infertility/Fertility - Trying After A Miscarriage:

Hello Laura from Canada,    There is no medical reason for you to wait two months to begin trying again.  In fact, a recent study showed that a woman's fertility is heightened the first 6 months after

2017-01-22 Infertility/Fertility - Pregnancy after ICSI and septum resection:

Hello Ahmed from Egypt,    The cause for the failures cannot be definitely determined.  If the endometrium was normal by hysteroscopy and the endometrial thickness was at least 7 mm prior to transfer,

2017-01-16 Infertility/Fertility - Getting pregnant after miscarriage:

Hello Laura from Canada,    Studies have shown that a woman's fertility is increased for the 1st six months after a miscarriage, so I encourage my patients to start trying as soon as their cycles return


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