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2016-11-16 Infertility/Fertility - ICSI and second look:

Hello Eman from Egypt,    It is okay to have a hysteroscopy prior to an IVF cycle, and I presume that it will be done in the early part of the cycle (before cycle day #10), which is the standard of care

2016-11-02 Infertility/Fertility - Pregnancy at 48:

Hello Megan from the U.K.    You Mom's only realistic option is to use donor eggs in conjunction with IVF.  Her chances of pregnancy depend on the clinic that she goes to, but it is basically tied to the

2016-10-25 Infertility/Fertility - Clomid:

Hello Amz from the UK,    I hope that you are seeing an infertility specialist and not a general Ob/Gyn doctor if your infertility is "unexplained.". It is most likely that a complete evaluation has not

2016-10-25 Infertility/Fertility - pallor and cramps after ET:

Hello Roger from Egypt,    Implantation usually does not have any symptoms and cramping can be for many reasons.  It is not something that should be concerning at this time.    In terms of your wife's

2016-10-12 Infertility/Fertility - No fetal pole:

Hello Again,    Yes, you shouldn't read too much into tests or the internet.  Nothing is for certain until it is.  All you can do at this time is wait and see because there is too much variability in life


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