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2017-01-19 Pest Control - Drain worms:

Hi Tylo, No health problems from worms, Life cycle Three weeks. That is all the time the drain fly has to live, and yet they make good use of that time in terms of reproduction. In a typical drain fly

2017-01-18 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Mystery bug identification:

Dear Mariza - These are a specialized sort of leaf beetle (family Chrysomelidae) in the subfamily Bruchinae. Commonly known as pea or bean weevils, they infest whole seeds (usually dried) of many plants

2017-01-17 Pest Control - booklice!!:

Dear Jade,    What we refer to as 'booklice' are NOT lice at all. They are an insect known as a psocid. These insects absolutely, positively MUST have moisture to exist. Their food is mold, which requires

2017-01-16 Pests - Tiny white/brownish bugs on bags and shoesbox:

Lim,    Yes, these do look like psocids or booklice. The one in Photo 1 appears to have wings (some do some don't) which is why it looks a little different than the earlier photos. These insects are sometimes

2017-01-16 Entomology (Study of Bugs) - Sprays:

Dear Joyce - These are dead nymphs (and fragments thereof) of cockroach nymphs, most likely German cockroaches - a very common household pest species that can be quite difficult to bring under complete


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