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2017-02-22 Painting & Wallpapering - painting after removing old wallpaper:

Len    My expertise is on the technical aspect of decorating materials and not the colour.    What I am able to tell you is that opacity is affected by the Titanium Dioxide content and not the shade, also

2017-02-21 Painting & Wallpapering - painting after removing old wallpaper:

Len    Sometimes when giving answers to questions I am fully aware that the answer isn't what the questioner wants to hear !!!!!      From a technical stance I have No Idea how colour will affect adhesive

2017-02-16 House Plants - What is this plant?:

Hi Colin,    Your plant is a Ctenanthe. It needs lots of bright but indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight falling on its leaves will cause leaf burn. Keep it tightly potted and it will reward you with lots

2017-02-12 House Plants - Fid The Fiddle Leaf:

Hi Angela,    Your Ficus lyrata is very healthy and has been well cared for by you. I don't recommend that you change much of anything.    The lower leaf yellowing is normal. New growth leaves get added

2017-02-09 Flooring and Carpeting - Limestone tile with grout deposits:

No problem. Sealing the stone will help to keep this from happening again but also taping the stone off and maybe using an epoxy grout instead of porous style grout would be beneficial here. Most times


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