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2017-03-23 Flooring and Carpeting - hiding a bigger problem...:

Yes...  Make them all flush...trim/move the long one. Or replace the offending board...highly unlikely at this point.    They also make transitions that have a lip to cover the new material it creates

2017-03-22 Flooring and Carpeting - hiding a bigger problem...:

Tear it all out and start    What we always did was we drew a line on the floor and then we used scrap pieces of wood and nail that down on the line so that we could butt up to the imaginary

2017-03-22 House Plants - Phalaenopsis with no roots:

Hi Chris,    Orchid aficionados are notorious for getting over involved in technical minutia about their plants with complicated formulas for potting media, fertilizers, supplements and watering routines

2017-03-21 Flooring and Carpeting - transition:

Typically I use a Base Shoe puller or a pry bar to remove it..    In the photograph although I can't tell very easily what material is on the floor, I would insert my pry bar on the opposite side of the

2017-03-17 House Plants - Re: mini jade plant:

Hi Mary,    The new-growth hormones of Jades, as well as most other plants, concentrates at the growing tip or end on each stem. Constant pinching out of new growth at the tips will sometimes help force


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