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2017-02-22 Painting & Wallpapering - painting after removing old wallpaper:

Len    My expertise is on the technical aspect of decorating materials and not the colour.    What I am able to tell you is that opacity is affected by the Titanium Dioxide content and not the shade, also

2017-02-21 Stains, Mopping, Wiping, Ironing, Cleaning - Very dirty surroundings.:

Hi  I am so sorry to hear about your circumstances. I give you a lot of credit for being such a good Samaritan. Sorry also that you have been waiting for an answer, this was caused evidently by a glitch

2017-02-21 Painting & Wallpapering - painting after removing old wallpaper:

Len    Sometimes when giving answers to questions I am fully aware that the answer isn't what the questioner wants to hear !!!!!      From a technical stance I have No Idea how colour will affect adhesive

2017-02-16 House Plants - What is this plant?:

Hi Colin,    Your plant is a Ctenanthe. It needs lots of bright but indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight falling on its leaves will cause leaf burn. Keep it tightly potted and it will reward you with lots

2017-02-12 House Plants - Fid The Fiddle Leaf:

Hi Angela,    Your Ficus lyrata is very healthy and has been well cared for by you. I don't recommend that you change much of anything.    The lower leaf yellowing is normal. New growth leaves get added


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