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2017-01-14 House Plants - Bamboo:

Hi Clayton,    It is hard for me to tell much about the condition of your Lucky Bamboo because the photo was taken from an odd angle. In the photo I don't see anything that suggests it is struggling.

2017-01-12 House Plants - Schefflera:

Hi Carol,    Your Schefflera should NOT be repotted. It is not commonly understood that older plants that are grown indoors never need to be moved to a bigger pot, nor should they be root pruned unless

2017-01-11 Flooring and Carpeting - Sealing of Saltillos:

If I relate some problem I am aware of regarding a competitor's product, I open myself and us up to legal entanglements, which has happened before with questions posed here.    Any "sealer" that contains

2017-01-09 House Plants - Diffenbachia Tipping Over But Not Top Heavy:

Hi Melissa,    This is a common problem with all older Dieffenbachias that have never been pruned. On your plant, the leaves are relatively heavy for the thickness the the stems. New growth is always at

2017-01-08 Flooring and Carpeting - removal of southwestern clay tile:

Thank you for your question Dranda,        Early in my career I encountered a fair amount of "Mexican Tile", mostly for install and a few times tear out. The tear outs were less entertaining. Having tried


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