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2017-03-21 Flooring and Carpeting - transition:

Typically I use a Base Shoe puller or a pry bar to remove it..    In the photograph although I can't tell very easily what material is on the floor, I would insert my pry bar on the opposite side of the

2017-03-17 House Plants - Re: mini jade plant:

Hi Mary,    The new-growth hormones of Jades, as well as most other plants, concentrates at the growing tip or end on each stem. Constant pinching out of new growth at the tips will sometimes help force

2017-03-17 House Plants - Ponytail Palm:

Hi Elizabeth,    Mealybugs look like tiny bits of white cotton. They spread, but they don't appear to move. They thrive when the plant is under stress from changes in the environment - reduced light, poor

2017-03-13 House Plants - Birds nest fern:

Hi Winona,    I don't know if you have read many of my posters here, but I am a firm advocate opposing unnecessary repotting. In fact, later this month I have a book due to be published titled, "Don't

2017-03-07 House Plants - Yucca elephantipes, leaves curling downward:

Hi April,    Thank you for the photo. Your plant is definitely suffering from inadequate light. That is why the upper stems and new leaves are thin, weak and drooping. Yuccas have to be right in front


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