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2016-08-16 Copyright & Patents - How can I patent an herbal formula?:

You don't need a patent to market your product. You might consider keeping everything a trade secret, as Coca Cola did. This is such a specialized area for getting a patent, I can't help you there. Considering

2016-08-15 Copyright & Patents - doubt clearence:

Dear Surjit, you are embarking on a career that has served me well over the past sixty years! My congratulations!    My website: has a lot of information helpful for creative

2016-08-11 Inventing New Products/Inventions - Formula racing car event in Olympics:

Prashant,    Have you looked on the official Olympic website and seen formula car racing?      No, I don't feel it should be included because it's not an individual sport.  Formula racing depends not only

2016-08-09 Inventing New Products/Inventions - Inventions:

Hi Christi,    1) Seek the knowledge.  Simple as that.  You are an inventor and inventors are hungry for knowledge to learn about their ideas.  That being said, research the industry your idea is in.

2016-07-14 Inventing New Products/Inventions - Line of stuffed funny faces:

Hello Hal,    Unfortunately, I won't be of much help in answering this question as I have had no previous experience with the company you mentioned. What I would do if I were you, is Google everything


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