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2016-11-26 Canadian Stocks - ugg shares:

Darcy, unfortunately, the successor company was acquired for $20.50 cash per share in 2007. It is possible that due to the mergers prior to the buyout, the 12 shares were wiped out. It is also very possible

2016-11-25 Canadian Stocks - Canadian Stocks - Petrorep Resources:

John, from the information I have available, Petrorep was acquired in 2000 for $2.62 cash per share. Registered holders should have received a check for their shares at that time. If for some reason they

2016-11-24 Canadian Stocks - Value of old Mining Stock certificates:

Mac, from the information I have available:    Pandora's assets were acquired by Belleroche Mines on the basis of 1 Belleroche share for 20 Pandora shares. I don't have any definitive information about

2016-11-24 Canadian Stocks - Old stock:

Roger, from the information I have available, the Company has gone through numerous name changes and reverse splits, and is now SponsorsOne Inc. Due to reverse splits, I doubt the original 1500 shares

2016-11-21 Canadian Stocks - Shares:

Di, from the information I have available, the Company had two reverse splits (1 for 15 and 1 for 10) and a merger (0.87 for 1) and is now Transatlantic Petroleum, which trades for around $1 per share


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