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2017-01-21 Islam - Kuffar:

Dear brother,  Assalam-O=Alaikum,  There is no system of family planning in Islam. It is against the teachings of Islam.Almighty Allah will take care of every creature.  I will be too happy to if you ask

2017-01-20 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Middle East:

Hi Murshid,    All four aspects of your question are actually intertwined.     Until the 4th century, the majority of the native Israeli population was either Jewish or Samaritan. Between the 4th and 7th

2016-12-30 Islam - question:

As Muslims, we are commanded in the Koran to wish each other with a salaam as and when we meet or come  across or write to each other.    In 818, Alid Imam Ali al-Ridha was murdered by the Abbasid caliph

2016-12-29 Islam - Men intrested in men:

Can you explain your problem so that I will try to guide you! There is nothing like no solution for certain problems unless one gives a try first.  Have faith in the Almighty by seeking forgiveness to

2016-12-28 Islam - Men intrested in men:

Wallaikum As salaam!    In some men female hormones dominates in the body & this can b over come by consulting a doctor.  But some men are interested in women due to wring upbring and scared of what s


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