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2017-03-11 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Question Pool:

Of the few countries I've visited, I think I can tell you, with full confidence, that any country with minority communities, almost without exception, will be persecuted by the government at some point

2017-03-10 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Question Pool:

Unfortunately, computer technology is something I'm not an expert in. I simply don't have the ability to access the question pool. If you can copy and paste your question directly to me, that would be

2017-03-08 Hebrew Language - Jacob/Israel:

Hi Jennifer,    Jacob - pronounced Yaacov in Hebrew - literally means "will follow [on the heels of]". It refers to him being born the second of twins.    The word "Israel" is composed of two parts:  י

2017-03-08 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Financial Expert:

I'm not sure I understand but I think this might answer your query. There are 3 individuals who wrote biographies on abu nidal. One died a couple of years ago, so here are the contact information of the

2017-03-07 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Financial Expert:

Hello again,    The companies that abu nidal founded, as far as I know, don't exist anymore. They weren't meant to, only so long as they were useful to his terrorist activities. But since he did work for


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