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2017-02-14 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Iran:

There were many root causes. Discontent had been simmering for years but his westernization, I think, was the one that finally pushed people over the edge. The economy was probably a close second even

2017-02-13 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Iran:

Hello again Murshid, nice to be hearing from you again.    The root causes of the Iranian Revolution is a classic case of "the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side". Before the revolution

2017-02-02 Hebrew Language - Tombstone inscriptions:

I, too, knew a person whose tombstone shows his mother's name. It was explained to me that he lost his parents in the Holocaust. His parents had placed him - a toddler - with a Christian family, where

2017-01-20 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Middle East:

Hi Murshid,    All four aspects of your question are actually intertwined.     Until the 4th century, the majority of the native Israeli population was either Jewish or Samaritan. Between the 4th and 7th

2017-01-07 Hebrew Language - Hebrew spelling:

Unfortunately there is no rule. You have to know the word.  Recently, though, the Hebrew Academy stated that it prefers Samech over Sin in words such as  לפרוס  לת


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