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2017-03-25 Electrical Engineering - Metals Corrosion.:

I need some further clarification as to what you are asking.  If you do a few online searches you can find some information about the various kinds of corrosive effects that can guide you to a more intelligent

2017-03-24 Electrical Engineering - Multilingual Traffic Sign Board.:

They have them in some countries already. I have seen them in Japan Korea Denmark and Finland.    Here in the USA where English is dominant i have not seen them.    It will depend on the needs of the culture

2017-03-23 Electrical Engineering - Compute Cross Sectional area of Solids.:

There are many ways to approach such solutions.  But it is primarily a mathematical process.  By knowing the shape in advance of the problem one can use standardized math geometrical descriptions and shapes

2017-03-22 Electrical Engineering - Bauxite:

Is Bauxite a good conductor of electricity? No.  It can't easily be used for wiring or any form of electrical applications that I know of.    However, when bauxite is processed and aluminum is produced

2017-03-21 Electrical Engineering - Piezoelectric Gas lighters.:

These handy little devices are not expensive making the investment in a repair often questionable at best.    In the USA Piezoelectric Gas lighters cost from a few USDollars to over $10 or $15.     The


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