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2016-10-18 Resume Help - Resume Questions?:

Hi!    The 2nd resume is much better since it gives the experience she wants to provide.  However, take out the experience that doesn't apply from 1998 and back.  You only have to go back 10 years, and

2016-10-16 Electrical Engineering - op amp and capacitor:

When charging a capacitor from a constant current source, the voltage across the capacitor increases linearly over time.      When charging a capacitor WITH A RESISTOR IN SERIES with a constant voltage

2016-10-11 Electrical Engineering - work as electrical engineering in Europe ( like Germany ):

I know little about the German market for Electrical Engineers.      HOwever, I am certain there are many possible job offers if you know where and how to look for them.    I would suggest you do some

2016-10-08 Interviewing Tips - Job Hunt.:

Dear Alison:    Sorry for the delay in answering.  This landed in spam.    What I hear you say is you are not passing the telephone interview.  This seems to be the main problem.  So, since I cannot actually

2016-10-04 Resume Help - Objective on resume:

Hi Brent,     To help answer your question, lets explore the differences between an Objective and a Summary as used for the resume. An objective statement is typically used by someone with little or no


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