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2017-03-26 Italian Language - camminare:

Dear Rich,    “Mia moglie cammina veloce” (My wife walks fast) is definitely correct because in this sentence the intransitive verb “camminare”,which is modified by the adjective “veloce”,is used to indicate

2017-03-25 Italian Language - "camminare" and "in":

Dear Rich,    the verb “camminare” is used with the preposition “in” -  either  articulated or simple- when you are saying where somebody is walking as in “Cammino nel parco” (I’m walking in the park)

2017-03-19 Italian Language - prepositions:

Dear Rich,    the sentences “Io lavoro in un parco”, “Io lavoro in un ospedale”,”Io lavoro in una scuola”,”Io lavoro in un ristorante” are correct, but “Io lavoro a un parco” “Io lavoro a un ospedale”

2017-03-18 Italy - venice travel:

Hello Dorothy,    You don't have to book in advance and if you did via the internet you would be charged a premium via a "middle man" anyway!    There are four possibilities (1) private watertaxi from

2017-03-17 Italian Language - gender:

Dear Rich,    you have correctly understood the use of nouns that have a “grammatical” masculine gender (such as the noun "animale" ) to identify  animals that have a “natural” feminine gender (such as


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