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2017-02-26 Italian Language - use of "quest":

Dear Rich,    the use of the elided form of the demonstrative adjective “questo” is  optional before masculine singular and feminine singular words starting with a vowel,though the elided form sounds often

2017-02-25 Italian Language - "gente":

Dear Rich,    the feminine noun “gente” (people) can be classified as an Italian non-count noun in the sense that it is usually uncountable, but can be made plural when we are talking about different types

2017-02-24 Italian Language - "in" e "a":

Dear Rich,    the sentence “Di mattina io scrivo al parco”, used as a caption under a picture of a woman writing in a notebook while she is sitting on a bench in a park, is correct.    Anyway,  it would

2017-02-21 Italian Language - definite article:

Dear Rich,    you can say either “Loro bevono il caffè dopo cena”, without the definite article before “cena”, or “Loro bevono il caffè dopo la cena” with  the definite article before “cena”, but you must

2017-02-18 Italian Language - "da" vs "a":

Dear Rich,    in the sentence “Io vado dalle mie amiche”  the use of the preposition “da” implies that someone is going to his friends’ house.    On the contrary, the sentence “Io vado alle mie amiche”


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