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2017-01-20 Italian Language - use of "sandwich":

Dear Rich,    this time the answer  is quick and simple, since  in  “Lui mangia i sandwich”, “Loro mangiano i sandwich” and “Loro mangiano dei sandwich” you  have correctly used the term “sandwich” which

2017-01-19 Italian Language - Translation:

Dear Rich,    the following statement  “giusta come risulta e consta dal registro degli atti di nascita dell’anno 1886” translates correctly as follows: “in conformity with what  appears and is demonstrated

2017-01-18 Italian Language - translation:

Dear Rich,    your translation is  almost all correct, apart from “Comune” which must be translated as  “Municipality”, i.e. a city or town with its own local government, and “was born” corresponding to

2017-01-17 Italian Language - Translation:

Dear Rich,    in the expression = Ad uso di liquidazione di pensione.= the symbol (=) is not used as an equal sign in the sense of e.g. 2+2 = 4, but wrongly as a quotation mark (“…”), so that the registrar

2017-01-16 Italian Language - Comparativi AND Superlativi relativi:

Hello,    the conjunction “che” must always  be  used in the “comparativo di uguaglianza”, when we are comparing two adjectives as in “Giovanni è più pigro che volenteroso “ (John is more lazy than eager)


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