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2016-10-24 Italian Language - use of: "bracci":

Dear Rich,    you have understood correctly that the masculine plural “bracci” is used to say “arms”  as in reference to the non-human arms.    As for the singular form of such non-human arms when e.g

2016-10-22 Italian Language - special plural form of nouns:

Dear Rich,    the grammatical name for  words that are masculine in the singular form, such as “uovo” (egg), “uomo”(man),“riso” (laugh), but feminine in the plural form such as “uova” (eggs), “uomini”

2016-10-21 Italian Language - use of "suonare":

Dear Rich,    the verb “suonare”, which can be either transitive or intransitive depending on the context,  is used correctly in the sentences that you’ve mentioned.    With  regard to “suonare” used as

2016-10-20 Italian Language - "poesia":

Dear Rich,    the Italian feminine noun  “poesia” is just used to express both the English nouns  “poem” and “poetry”.    As for the “oe”  and the  “ia” in “poesìa”, they both are  an “iato” because “o”

2016-10-16 Italian Language - use of "pennello" vs the use of "spazzola":

Dear Rich,    the masculine noun “pennello”  cannot be used to say “brush” in general, i.e. “spazzola” in Italian, but it is  used  when referring to a “paintbrush”, to a “bristle brush”(pennello di setole)


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