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2016-08-08 Job Hunting Tips - Is it correct that a person could be denied a job:

Hello -  Information that can be found on the internet (e.g., Google) could potentially influence someone, but every situation is different. So it's not really possible to know what may specifically influence

2016-08-05 Business Etiquette - Proper Letterhead listing of a Past President who is deceased:

Dear Trish:  Thank you for your question.  You would list your past president in one of three ways, depending upon how your organization handles it.  If your bank has bestowed the position of Emeritus

2016-07-23 Careers: Medical & Psychiatry - Medical Career:

On average, physicians obtain a bachelors degree prior to entering medical school. This being so, the average age of a young doctor entering an internship or residency program is 26-28. Depending on the

2016-07-11 Resume Help - Very old, very relevant experience:

Hi Gigi,     There are two perspectives to consider in answering your question.     1) Use all of your experience (past and present). The talent management systems and applicant tracking programs used

2016-06-27 Job Hunting Tips - career guidance..:

You should Google job descriptions for guest relations officer/receptionist and see what the key skills are that are required.    Then look at what your core skills/strengths are to see where there might


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