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2017-01-30 Interviewing Tips - Job Offer, jobs, hiring:

Annie,  My apologies for delayed reply, as I am out of area and traveling for business. It is important to ask questions and to get clarity upfront; based on your question they stated the salary is non-negotiable

2017-01-25 Interviewing Tips - smiling:

Hi Jane:    The issue here is how you come across during the interview.  If you are sincere, professional, and friendly, don't worry about how you are smiling.  You can't smile just to smile. A smile should

2017-01-21 Interviewing Tips - Rescheduled job interviews:

Dear Kim:    I would email and just say that you were on Skype and tried to initiate the call at the correct time, but there was no reply.  Give the time and date you initiated the call.  Say that you

2017-01-13 Resume Help - references:

Sorry this is late.  It went into the spam file.    I can understand why you would not want to list the current one....most people will not list a current supervisor due to the fact that it may hurt your

2017-01-12 Business Etiquette - Follow up to coffee meeting invitation:

Dear Merinna,    Thank you for your question.  My short answer is Pick Up The Phone!  Call your designer and set up a meeting.  Know that if you do the inviting, you pay.  But,  it 's a small price to


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