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2017-01-12 Business Etiquette - Follow up to coffee meeting invitation:

Dear Merinna,    Thank you for your question.  My short answer is Pick Up The Phone!  Call your designer and set up a meeting.  Know that if you do the inviting, you pay.  But,  it 's a small price to

2016-12-19 Job Hunting Tips - Job Hunting:

Hi Kristine -  For a brief history of your work, prepare a list that includes the role you had and where. For example:    Office Assistant at dentist office for two years  Clerk at school for one and a

2016-12-07 Business Etiquette - Holiday etiquette question:

Good afternoon Mary,     Thank you for contacting me. Radio is so much fun!  I would be delighted to work with you and Mathew Blades in the morning.   Do you have specific dates in mind? Please share your


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