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2017-01-29 Getting Published or E-published - printed material design:

Again, these are questions for a professional designer. Both answers depend on the exact nature of the text. There is much more to a print cover, including the spine and back cover, than an e-book, so

2017-01-24 Getting Published or E-published - printed material design:

Demetrius -- All of these questions should be answered by a professional designer, and if you are publishing independently, you should hire one. If you are using a POD service like CreateSpace, they offer

2017-01-04 Writing Books - POV Question:

I don't write in first person narrative just for this issue and the fact I personally do not like reading first person narrative. A lot of people do not unless it is a self-help book, a memoir, or celebrity

2016-11-30 Writing Books - Is this a book idea or not...:

Dear Lance:    I've thought long and hard about this set of questions before I sat down to respond.     First, the unifying element (not theory) that ties all those things together is simply that in one


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