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2017-03-26 Writing Short Stories - Short story market:

Dear Tony,    Yes, the publishing world is dog eat dog, and now publishers are even more selective about what they put in print because their market share is so much lower now than in the past because

2017-03-05 Writing Books - Quoting and Use of Real Names:

First, they will NEVER give permission. George Lucas industry is huge and franchised. Forget that. Don't even try.    Secondly, you cannot ever quote anyone or use real names. That is a liability to be

2017-01-29 Getting Published or E-published - printed material design:

Again, these are questions for a professional designer. Both answers depend on the exact nature of the text. There is much more to a print cover, including the spine and back cover, than an e-book, so

2017-01-24 Getting Published or E-published - printed material design:

Demetrius -- All of these questions should be answered by a professional designer, and if you are publishing independently, you should hire one. If you are using a POD service like CreateSpace, they offer


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