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2016-09-26 Behavior & Learning in School - Why would an 18 year old be willing to marry adult men that:

It sounds like the girl has absolutely no self esteem and is willing to be with a man who is fathering children with other women. The age difference suggests that the girl is looking for a father figure

2016-09-26 Behavior & Learning in School - Why would a 12 year old girl like it when an adult man:

If the girl's parents were with her, the girl would probably assume the man was trustworthy. When the parents are present, the 12 year old would feel at ease and protected from harm.   However, if the

2016-08-20 Teaching Advice - Groups:

Sure, just do not replace the rulers. They do not value them, or really their education so let them do the work with out the rulers. Notify parents and administration of the situation and how much it is

2016-08-17 Teaching Advice - Management:

Put clear rules and tell them if they break anything they have to replace or pay for the replacement    If you are unable to know who was the one that did it all the class pays so you have extra supplies

2016-07-02 Teaching Advice - What does a person have to do so his new born daughter will speak:

I have thought on this a long time. There seems to be one or two  possible answers. The first answer is to move to London. This means the child will be exposed to the language and culture there. Her friends


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