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2017-01-20 Yu-Gi-Oh - Call of the haunted:

Unfortunately for them it's not.  While that's a valid method for summoning normal tribute monsters, Dogma has lines of text that make it what's referred to as a "Nomi" monster:    <i>"Must be Special

2016-12-12 Yu-Gi-Oh - Machina Trains:

Like most non-meta decks, you need to be heavier on Traps here. A lot of things tend to play Kaiju in the main deck nowadays, so being able to make Dora isn't as threatening as it once was without backup

2016-12-10 Yu-Gi-Oh - Gears of War Dec...:

You're going to have to play this reasonably heavily Anti-Meta in order for it to hold up    Your monster line-up is reasonable, though I'd drop out Geargianchor for a pair of Maxx "C", which really help

2016-12-05 Yu-Gi-Oh - Help With my Pendulum Deck:

The main thing that needs doing here is refocusing around the pendulum theme. Pendulum decks need critical mass of pendulum monsters in order to go off, so you need to build with that in mind.  I think

2016-12-02 Yu-Gi-Oh - gotta ask seen you done it before:

Hmm, slightly looser conditions than the last one then, makes me wonder what's with all the Dinomist requests recently:    3 Dinomist Bracchion  3 Dinomist Pteran  2 Dinomist Rex  2 Dinomist Spinos  2


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