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2017-02-22 Science for Kids - Help:

Good Evening Aishwarya,    Human beings naturally divide the things they see into categories.  Trees, flowers, water, soil etc... Why do we do this?  As a species we are not the only ones who do this.

2017-02-18 Science for Kids - Help:

Hi Aisharya   I wish I could tell the name of this tree but all I know is that it is a species of Palm.  I know this because I was traveling in a rain forest  in Belize when our guide cut a branch off

2017-02-17 Science for Kids - Help:

All I can tell you is that this tree is a type of Palm found in the rain forest. I observed it myself when I was  with a guide in Belize. He cut a branch with a machete and drank the fresh water that poured

2017-02-06 Science for Kids - Help:

Hi Aiswarya,    An example:  1+1=2. Therefore.  1+ a = 2. Where a = 1.   If I now say. 1+ h = 9. What does h have to be equal to?      An example:  10 / 5 = 2. Therefore 10 / e = 2. Where e = 5. If I now

2017-02-05 Science for Kids - Help:

Hi Aiswarya,    How does one determine area of a square?  Length times width, correct?  The same is true for a rectangle.  So why would this be different for a paralleogram or rhombus?  N the case of a


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