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2016-12-06 Science for Kids - Help:

Hi Aishwarya,    there is a difference in the characterization of things between science and cultural (religious).  In Science, there are taxonomies in which all things are categorized.  This is so science

2016-10-29 Science for Kids - help with science fair project idea:

Hi Cathy,    The variables in this case are too complex and difficult to control.  A better experiment is to look at resistance.  Take a 9 volt battery and using different gauges of wire and ammeter and

2016-10-22 Science for Kids - Help:

Hi Aishwarya,    Just as a matter of English use, when you have a doubt, you ask questions to help resolve the doubt.  So, you may have doubts but you resolve them by asking questions.  Thus you have questions

2016-10-02 Science for Kids - HHelp:

Hi Aishwarya,    Think of the word "matter" as a generic term.  Like "energy" it is generic.  There are different states of matter: solids, liquids and gases.  Some include plasma in the "matter" category

2016-09-28 Science for Kids - question about eggs:

Hi Kayla,    I understand your confusion and concern for the baby in the egg.  First of all, the baby duck is not breathing for a long time, in fact it does not need to breath until just before it hatches


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