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2017-03-07 Water Quality - Residude on tapwater:

Thanks for asking All Experts Orthia:   My best advice to you, since I can't test your water, is to visit and find a Certified Water Specialist in your area. They will come to your home and

2017-01-05 Water Quality - dirty water only when cold FOLLW UP:

Hi again Steve:  What I guess is sediment is heavier than water so even if the cause is closer to the surface the sediment will naturally sink to whatever depths it can reach. I guess the law of gravity

2017-01-02 Water Quality - dirty water only when cold:

Hi Steve: Thanks for asking AE. Sounds like your suspicions are correct. One solution may be to install a fine backwashing sediment filter just after your pressure tank. One that filters down to 40 microns


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