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2016-09-17 Orthodox Judaism - 800 servants:

Hi AJ,    There is a Midrash to that effect.  However it is taken entirely out of context.  What the Midrash says is that When Moshiach comes the world will no longer see strife, the evil inclination will

2016-08-28 Reform Judaism - day of atonement:

Question : it is part of Jewish ritual to go naked into a river at the Day of Atonement?    The simple answer is NO. I think that the makers of the film you mention were taking what is known as "poetic

2016-08-28 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Mid East:

Hello again,    The solution is actually very simple and yet very difficult. Historical fact is historical fact. If Mr. Smith went to the store in 1950 to get a loaf of bread, then that's what he did.

2016-08-26 Orthodox Judaism - the rights and duties of a Jewish King:

Hi Patrick    Thank you for your question. Isn't it odd, yet so common, that people would simply accept "too many", without questioning how much is "too much"?    As you have noted, the Talmud concludes

2016-08-25 Israel/Middle East (News & Politics) - Regarding Israel:

Hi Amtry,    You obviously have your own fucked up opinions on Israel and Jews and you probably REFUSE to listen to the truth. Am I right? So why did you even bother asking me anything on Israel in the


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