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2016-10-23 Israel - Travel to Israel:

You definitely need one or the other.  Here's the difference:    An adapter is just a piece of plastic that changes the shape of the plug on your device so that it fits into an Israeli jack.  Their plug

2016-10-11 Hebrew Language - ancient scrolls:

James,    One tiny correction: It is the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, the Tanakh) that has been written and used in scroll form by synagogues. The use of codexes in publishing is a

2016-10-11 Conservative Judaism - Jewish Holidays:

Dear Amanda,    Thank you for writing. Your friendship is admirable.    I only wish that a "quick book" existed but it doesn't - I'm sorry.    Secondly, beware of the internet because too many different

2016-10-07 Orthodox Judaism - 2 questions:

Sorry I wasn't clear. "In the beginning" the universe existed as a primordial soup-chaos ("the earth was without form")-think of vegetable beef soup. Hashem seperated the individual ingredients and formed

2016-10-06 Kabbalah - Dybukks and Ancestor Worshipers:

Hi Tj    You need to distinguish between a dybbuk, which is a lost soul that may temporarily attach to a living person, and evil spirits that could interfere with someone's life.     What you describe


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